why won't she have sex with meYou met her on a hookup site. She seemed perfect. And what was even more perfect was the fact that she really dug you. After a few PMs you progressed to video chat and before you knew it, things got very heated very fast. You shared very intense moments of passion online, it was a no-brainer that the two of you had superb chemistry and the time to meet in person had arrived. Unfortunately, when you got together, the chemistry was no longer there. It was obvious she wasn’t going to go any further with you.  She bid you farewell and you were left scratching your head wondering WTF went wrong. How did a sure thing go sour?

Luckily, when two people meet online and have any type of cyber-sex, the chances of them actually ending up in the bedroom at the end of their first date are an astounding 80%. That’s four out of five first dates ending up with sweet love making. But what about that one fellow that was left to churn the butter on his own? Why isn’t he getting any?

When a woman has engaged in online sex be it video or text, she’s ready to move on to the real thing. She’s already turned on by you and ready to rock your world. When you first meet in person, there’s very little you can do to f*%# this up. If you follow the following guidelines, I assure you, you will not be one of those five unlucky souls.

  • Be yourself. You don’t want her to smell a phony, women are quite good generally at reading men. This is one of those rare things that will make her reach for her keys and jet towards the nearest exit.
  • Be Confident. A man who lacks confidence is a huge turn off for women. Every woman wants a man who’s got self-worth and walks with his head held high.
  • Don’t be Arrogant. There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, make sure you stay on the right side of said line. Nothing that makes the vag go dry like an arrogant prick.
  • Make her Feel Safe. If her spidey sense is tingling and telling her to get away from you there’s a slim chance she’ll feel any tingling sensations elsewhere.  Here’s a tip. Let her decide where to go. Give her the power to choose where and when you’ll be doin’ the plowin’.

Basically, we’re just looking to avert disaster. Most of the groundwork has already been laid out online. Ignoring any of the above advice, however, can cause her to hit the abort button.

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