Importance of ForeplayTradition tells us that foreplay was once the role of the man who would have to perform the act to get his partner ready for intercourse. However, times have changed and the entire sensation of sex relies on both partners getting foreplay to become part and parcel of the experience.
Foreplay is no longer viewed as a prelude to the main event, it is the start of it and becomes as much an enjoyable experience as the act of penetration and intercourse itself. To include foreplay, rather than just go straight in and have sexual intercourse, makes the act one of love and not just an act of having sex.

Foreplay is even more important with ageing partners. As we get older, we feel the need to get aroused just as much as we did when we were young. But arousal in later life doesn’t come quite as readily as it did during our peak years of sexual activity. Which is why foreplay is essential to induce arousal.
There is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay, despite some partners thinking otherwise. Men who regularly indulge in foreplay will note that their partners will reach orgasm more easily and with greater sensation. Foreplay should not simply be limited to sexual encounters but include hugging, kissing, massaging and fondling too.
Both men and women REQUIRE foreplay to reach full stimulation; it makes the orgasm more intense (during intercourse) and it allows both partners to reach climax together. The sensation of orgasm is an event that begins in the brain. Moreover, one cannot read a book and learn how to give the best foreplay.

Every person has different desires, buttons that need pressing and certain kinky desires that a partner will be expected to explore and learn as a relationship develops. The faster one learns which acts of foreplay turn our partners on, the quicker and more intense climaxing will be during the act of intercourse.
Foreplay can also be recorded back to gentle whispers in the ear. If you are whispering how sexy your partner looks in that dress, or how buff he looks in that suit and jacket, you are laying the foundations for having great sex. This is foreplay.
It is said Rome wasn’t built in a day but we can be sure the idea was first born by a number of Roman leaders sitting down and talking about the idea. Foreplay can be sex talk in the bedroom (pillow talk) or can be activated in public – either at a restaurant or bar somewhere – and the eventual chat will turn one another on leading to more physical foreplay in private.