Online Dating Profile Tips

So much has been said about what your online dating profile should look like. I created over fifty dating accounts and did some testing. Of course many factors vary from site to site but there were some consistencies. Let’s look at those. Here are some online dating profile tips that are sure to get you more exposure.

Online Dating Profile Tips

The most important aspect of your online dating profile is surely the photos you upload. They need to be:

  • Recent – Do not put up photos that are out dated. If you’ve put on 30 pounds, hiding it by uploading old photos of you when you were thinner is not a good idea. Our goal is to actually meet someone in person. Starting off with a lie is not a good idea.
  • Clear & Good Quality – Don’t snap a head shot with your webcam in the dark and put that up as your profile photo. Quality photos always do better than low resolution photos.
  • Action Shots Over Stills – I noticed that photos of me doing something got a lot more attention than those of me just standing there. Examples of action shots would be pictures of you skiing, skating, swimming at the beach, running with your dogs and so on. Women love an active man. Show them that you don’t just sit in front of your computer all day.
  • Nudes Vs. None-Nudes – You certainly don’t want to have naked pictures of yourself publicly available to everyone. Maintain a certain mystique. Don’t give it all up right away. Showing them a little at a time will definitely be to your benefit.
  • Ten are better than one – The more pictures you upload the more time women will spend on your profile page. Which increases your chances of being contacted.
  • Unique – There is something unique about all of us. Find what makes you different from the crowd else and highlight it. 
  • Friends and Family – You want to put up some pictures of yourself with friends and family. This gives women a sense of reassurance. It makes them feel a lot safer about contacting you. 

Let’s not get into too much detail as to why these types of photos are beneficial to your online dating success. They simply are. Common sense will tell you that and trying these online dating profile tips for yourself will confirm it.

Do’s Vs. Don’ts

Examples of the types of photos you should use.                                                Examples of photos not to use

online dating profile dos

online dating profile dos 2
online dating profile donts 2
online dating profile donts 1














Online Dating Profile Tips – Interests

Let’s move on to our interests. Lots of people are in a hurry to meet someone and decide to leave this part blank and start browsing and messaging girls.. A real killer for your online dating profile. What you want to do is to put in as many interests as you can. Women are looking for someone they will enjoy spending time with. This isn’t only about having sex with someone. This is about meeting them, spending some time with them, and yes, getting into bed with them. But don’t expect women to just jump into bed with you the second they see you. There has to be some spark or chemistry. And being interested in the same things makes for good conversation and a good connection. The first thing that a woman will do when she sees an empty profile page is move on to another one.

To sum it up you basically need to take your time filling in your profile thoroughly when joining a new site. I know it can be a pain and time consuming but it will be worth it in the end. Follow these simple online dating profile tips and you’ll see a big difference.


The easiest thing for someone to do when they join an online dating site is to say: I haven’t met anyone here, there are probably no women. You hear it all the time. It’s not true. There are lots of women looking for casual encounters online nowadays. In fact there are millions. So go out there and start meeting some of them. Don’t forget to implement my online dating profile tips.


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