Sleeping With a Friend. The Best or Worst Decision You’ll Ever Make

Is It A Good Idea To Sleep With My Friend? We’ve all heard about the familiar concept of the “friend zone”, that area a person can reach with an acquaintance where the friendship has become too strong to jeopardize with a meaningless tryst. But what happens when we decide to throw caution to the [...]

Finding BBW Hookups – What to Avoid

The Biggest Mistake BBW Lovers Make For those of you hoping to hook-up with a big beautiful woman (BBW) online for some uninhibited, casual sex, you’re in luck. You’re about to find out what the #1 mistake is and how to avoid it. You’ve seen them before..  Dating sites that are geared towards [...]

Benefits of Dating an Older Woman

In relationships, men generally feel a natural instinct to date a younger woman. However, there has been an increasing trend to date an older woman during the last 30 years or so in society and those who have taken the plunge have not regretted it – far from it in fact. There are so many reasons [...]

The Importance of Foreplay

Tradition tells us that foreplay was once the role of the man who would have to perform the act to get his partner ready for intercourse. However, times have changed and the entire sensation of sex relies on both partners getting foreplay to become part and parcel of the experience. Foreplay is no [...]

Adult Hookups – Increase your “Batting Average”

Using online dating sites is a lot like playing baseball. You’re not going to hit every ball that’s pitched to you, but you will hit some of them. If you’ve got a batting average of .200 it means that you’re hitting 1 out of every 5 pitches. If you contact 5 members on a hookup site, 1 of them will [...]

Enlarging your Penis is VERY Possible

If you think surgery is your only option you’re very mistaken. Let’s forget the pills and the snake oil that you usually see online for a minute. There ARE actual ways to increase the size of your penis successfully. Thousands of people worldwide are undergoing penile surgery every year. It is not [...]

How to Have an Affair

I don’t want to get into whether or not you should be having an affair. We’ll leave that to the bible thumpers. In fact, I’m going to be the first one to admit that I’ve personally had affairs on many occasions in my life. Not since I met my current partner of course (just in case she’s reading, I [...]

Best Dating Sites

  I recently posted an article here about the best dating site online today. I wasn’t able to quite narrow it down to one winner. I got an email today from a reader that said I should start a post and have others comment on what they think are the best dating sites and why. So here it is.   Let’s [...]

Sex With Older Women

Every man, at some point or another, fantasizes about having sex with older women. From a young age, boys are constantly fantasizing about being intimate with an experienced, more mature woman. A school teacher, a friend’s mom, a mom’s friend or even a distant relative. Either way, we’ve all been [...]

Best Dating Site

Ever since they sprung up, there has been a huge debate on which is the best dating site on the internet. It’s certainly not an easy question to answer because of the many factors to take into consideration. Let’s try to dissect these factors and see what we can come up with.   Ratios By far the [...]
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