Best Dating Sites

  I recently posted an article here about the best dating site online today. I wasn’t able to quite narrow it down to one winner. I got an email today from a reader that said I should start a post and have others comment on what they think are the best dating sites and why. So here it is.   Let’s [...]

Sex With Older Women

Every man, at some point or another, fantasizes about having sex with older women. From a young age, boys are constantly fantasizing about being intimate with an experienced, more mature woman. A school teacher, a friend’s mom, a mom’s friend or even a distant relative. Either way, we’ve all been [...]

Best Dating Site

Ever since they sprung up, there has been a huge debate on which is the best dating site on the internet. It’s certainly not an easy question to answer because of the many factors to take into consideration. Let’s try to dissect these factors and see what we can come up with.   Ratios By far the [...]

How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

For those of you that have asked the question “How can I last longer in bed” I’d like to give you some tips that may help you. Let’s  try to stay away from pills, sprays and other unhealthy promises many pharmaceutical companies are making and try the old fashioned, natural ways of lasting longer [...]

Becoming a Better Lover

  Some things we can change about ourselves and others we can’t. Becoming a better lover means improving on the things we CAN change about ourselves. Being a good lover is not about mastering moves or learning new positions. It’s not about whether or not we perform oral sex on our partners or [...]

Get Me Laid

I got an email that caught my attention today and I decided to make a post about it. The title was “Get me Laid“. The person that sent it to me has been struggling to meet a woman online and offline. He went on to tell me how difficult it was for him because of his poor looks, his weight problem [...]

Facebook for Sex

By far the biggest and most visited social media site on the internet. With an Alexa rank of #2 worldwide and #1 in many countries, Facebook is a phenom in the online world. But what about using Facebook for sex? You would think it would be a great way to meet women for casual, nsa fun. But [...]

Free Nsa Fun

We live in a time where millions of people are using online dating services to connect with other like minded adults. Adult dating and online nsa fun has been very popular ever since the internet began. It’s one of the first things people look for when they go online for the first time. But is [...]

California Singles

Online dating has become a nightmare for those living in California. Finding California singles isn’t easy when attempting to meet someone online. It has become a favorite hotspot among spammers. More spammers are flooding the California singles sites than any other state in the US. The reason [...]

Fuck a Black Girl

Beautiful dark skinned beauties are a treat. Are you looking to fuck a black girl? Have you been fantasizing about meeting a hot black girl for a night of casual, no strings adult sex? Well now it’s easier than ever before. Blacktryst is full of hot, horny, black girls  who are looking for men to [...]
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