benefits of dating an older womanIn relationships, men generally feel a natural instinct to date a younger woman. However, there has been an increasing trend to date an older woman during the last 30 years or so in society and those who have taken the plunge have not regretted it – far from it in fact.

There are so many reasons why dating an older woman has advantages we could never have comprehended many years ago. But I think the most appealing one is that older women are so much more attractive today than they were, say a century ago.

Women over 40 are holding sex appeal, attractiveness and an allure that older women never used to even consider. In the past, a women would be married off by the time they were 25 and their appeal to the opposite sex would then be suppressed. This is just the opposite today. So, not only do today’s mature women have appeal, but they have wisdom too. They understand relationships better and can control the relationship with more ruling and force – which surprisingly to some men is actually a turn-on rather than something we run away from and try to avoid.

Mature women can control their emotions far better than a younger woman can. This is important as women have a naturally high level of emotions, which can be beneficial and demanding in equal quantities.
When things become fearful, frightening, demanding and upsetting, an older woman will behave in a more rational manner than a younger one might.

Women of an older age will have more experience in the workplace and will have furthered their careers to the point where financial independence is well under control which is another huge benefit.
One of the biggest joys of dating an older woman is that they will not waste time making their partners second guess what they want in life (and in the bedroom). They realize that time is running out and a more direct approach is often used. And yes, that means older women will not spend several days with the silent treatment huff but instead they will let you know what they’re feeling right away.

If you’ve had the joy of dating an older woman, chances are, you knew all this already. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an experience that is sure to put a huge smile on your face.