get better at adult datingUsing online dating sites is a lot like playing baseball. You’re not going to hit every ball that’s pitched to you, but you will hit some of them. If you’ve got a batting average of .200 it means that you’re hitting 1 out of every 5 pitches. If you contact 5 members on a hookup site, 1 of them will be interested and will get back to you. If you contact 10 then you’re going to get 2 responses. If you’re batting .100 that means you need to contact 10 members in order to find 1 that’s interested in you. You get the point I’m trying to make. Online dating is a numbers game. The more women you contact, the better your odds of landing a date.

Of course, there are many variables that will determine what your average is. The better looking you are, the higher your odds of getting contacted. This may sound shallow but in a world where your pictures do most of the talking, it makes a lot of sense. Obviously, it takes more than just good looks to get a woman’s attention on a hookup site. Clever opening lines are always helpful and so are common interests. In fact, common interests are probably the next most important factor after looks.

Here’s a little tip that may help you increase your “batting average”. If you stumble upon a member that you’d really like to meet, go through her profile and see what she likes. Edit your profile to include a particular interest she seems to be into. After all, we’re not using adult hookup sites to find someone for the long haul. Little white lies are probably not going to get you into much trouble here. After you’ve included this particular interest into your own profile, you’ve got your opening line ready to go. “Hi! I see you’re into biking! So am I! etc.. This is a great way to approach someone and get their attention quickly and surely. These girls have been contacted by a number of men and most of them opened with “Hi babe, love your pics”. Your approach is more likely to yield a response because women love to talk about things they’re interested in. We all do!

One mistake that I see men making over and over is that they tend to be pushy. This hurts your chances of getting her to actually meet you. It’s no secret that if a woman feels the slightest pressure from a man on a dating site, she’s going to avoid him like the plague. She might even block you altogether. You want to make her feel comfortable and most importantly, in control. I cannot stress enough the importance of her feeling like she’s in full control of the situation. Pushy men get pushed aside and FAST. Her safety is always in the back of her mind when she’s deciding whether or not she wants to meet. The last thing you want her to think about you is that you’re some pushy creep.

Every little thing we do right counts. It increases our odds of catching a woman’s attention. Try doing all the little things right and you’ll see a tremendous difference in the amount of women that are willing to hook up with you. The most important thing of course, is contacting many, many members. After all, the more pitches you swing at, the more balls you’ll hit.